Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Blue Chair

This little Blue Chair is finally on it's way "home".
I waited a REALLY long time to
send it off to the

I drag my feet about silly things sometimes!

I love this little chair.
I hope it raises LOTS of $$$ for Alzheimer's Research!

It's Wonderful to do something I LOVE to do....
that at the same time.... helps others!!!

Win. Win. situation.

This little chair is assigned #11,180.
Lots of people must be doing something they love to do!!!
That's a BIG number!!!


  1. So cute, love the beads, hand stitches and green ties.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! And how appropriate - Alzheimers Research is such a worthy charity.

  3. Oh I love the little blue chair! Talk about dragging your feet....I have a stack of mini quilts to send. I must get them sent this month, I must get them sent this month....I must : )