Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two for Get Your Mrs.Claus On

Just had to whip these up.  Been working on a big project and needed to do something that would give me some instant gratification. 

Read about this qroup here yesterday and thought it would be a great use of time and stash.

This is Tink, my nosey girl.


I was only planning on making one of these last night but you know how it is, small projects lend themselves to multiplying.

I did some straight line quilting, one cross hatched and one either side of the seam lines.

I found a lot of this backing fabric in 2 different colorways in my drawer of novelty fabrics.

the other version will show up in the not to distant future I'm sure.


  1. They are very sweet - how lovely of your to contribute Mrs. Claus!

  2. Little quilts do help when stuggling with the BIG ones! Love these!