Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilting For Good Linky Party, Week 5

Hi, all!

I'm so sorry - I completely lost Tuesday somewhere there!!  Getting back to taking care of my granddaughter after vacation apparently sucked out more brain cells than I anticipated - and I completely forgot about Quilting For Good Tuesdays.  But that's ok - it's always a good time to talk about charity quilting!!

Today I want to share, not a new quilt that our ministry created, but a story about a quilt that we made a while back.

This pretty quilt, named Heartstrings, was made from blocks sent to us all the way from England.  Kate, who blogs at Kate's Arty Bits, sends us some of her charity tops and orphan blocks when her mom comes to visit her in England.  

We got a request for a quilt for a young single mother who has pancreatic cancer, and this top was finished up and sent to her.  None of us had ever met this young woman, but we thought that this top would be a nice cheerful quilt-y "hug" for her, and would remind her that people were praying for her.  A few days ago, I received an e-mail from the friend who requested the quilt for her. She told us that this young woman's favorite symbol was the heart - something we did not know when this top was chosen!  She said that the quilt really touched her and that she kept it with her all the time.  She's recently been told that there is nothing else they can do for her medically, so we hope this quilt is giving her some extra comfort and serves as a reminder of God's constant love and care for her.

And now it's your turn!

Show us what you've been working on this week -

Progress shots,
Finished quilts,
Donations you've sent to others!

It's all Quilting For Good!




  1. I absolutely love it when our quilt ministry gets those kinds of messages back. It's just one more sign that God provides in ways we could never imagine.
    We've also learned of quilts that were passed on to others after the original recipient had passed away and the next recipient had been healed.
    What wonderful blessings!

  2. Beautiful quilt and wonderful story! Thanks for hosting this linky party Sarah! ;)