Monday, February 1, 2016

Small quilting

I have found 2 organizations that I can do small quilting for. 

First, our local quilt guild is working with one of our local churches. They do a meals on wheels type program for their seniors.  A place-mat is provided with their first meal.

New mats are given at Christmas. This is a picture of the backs.

This of the front, totally reversible. I have set a personal goal of 2 per month.

The local chapter of Giving Dolls sends hand made dolls to children in need through various organizations. So sorry I don't have a picture of some of their amazing dolls. Several hospitals are on their list.  Dolls going to hospitals are accompanied by 24 inch square quilts.  Good size for wheel chairs.  Personal goal for these is 1 per month.

This one has this great back to go with the monsters on the front.