Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quilts by Carol E.

I have been having fun getting some quilts finished this week (finally)! Here are two of them.. others are still waiting for bindings. This first one is going to Julie at Operation Wood Hollow for families in Utah who lost their homes to the wildfires.
I love the binding fabric I used!
This one is going to Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. They give out layette bundles to newborns, and this quilt is intended for the layettes. I donate these to Tree of Life which is an agency through which our church does work-weeks (aka mission trips) at Rosebud.


  1. Two wonderful finishes. Love your binding.

  2. Beautiful quilts, Carol! And I love that binding too!!

  3. The binding really pulls all of the strings together, grreat job. Are the colors in the baby quilt pink and brown? Love the look.

  4. Baby quilt: that dark fabric is a deep purple with flowers on it, and the stripey is kind of a purpley-burgundy with beige.