Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thank you, Mrs. Claus

    Hi, I am Debbie from Stitchin Therapy  and I want to share a little news about Get Your Mrs. Claus On.
There is an amazing group of gals at the HGTV Message Board that deserve hugs and cheers.  I can't say enough good things about them.  They committed to the Get Your Mrs. Claus On project earlier this year.  Their goal was to make and donate a doll quilt representing every state.  The head organizer there is Nicki, who has been a diligent cheerleader  for Mrs. Claus and kept things rolling along.   The last box of doll quilts arrived and this group has donated 126 doll quilts!
   Enough words, how about some photos of the variety they created.

   So thank you, Mrs. Claus---each of you have earned the title.   Your gift of fabric and love will brighten the hearts of little girls this season.    May we all try harder, be braver, live stronger and love deeper.    
Thanks for inviting me to share and post about the Mrs. Claus project.  


  1. What a sweet bunch of quilts! So lovely to see you post here on your project. Hope those little quilts keep coming in - and that your carpenter elves can keep up with the cradles and beds

  2. What a GREAt project! Thanks to ALL the Mrs. Claus'!

  3. What a great concept! Where do we go to donate? I love playing with fabric and have my own little doll bed covered in quilts.

    1. I'm the collector for Mrs. Claus quilts. Would love to have a new Mrs. Claus. I will email you my address.