Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quilts are for giving...a variation

 Most often the quilts I give go to a group's cause, like Project Linus. But, like 9 patches, there are variations. The quilt above was made from some FQ bundles I got from Carol E. I cut them all into 2.5" strips and did a fence rail variation. Three fabrics for the rails, and then offset them with a strip added to the top or bottom, alternating. The other part of the variation is that this went to a semi-local 3 yr old girl who was having open heart surgery. A tiny little girl named Teagan. I heard she loved the Barbie fabrics. Thanks again for sharing Carol *VBS*
This quilt, which is snuggle size, is another variation on 'giving'. It's amazing how the Universe arranges connections so effortlessly. My 5 kids are adopted. My oldest daughter and her birth mom in MI, were re-united and added another layer of connected-ness to our family circle. The best friend of the birth mom lost her husband  a few years ago. DD and I wanted to express our love to her birth mom and her friend.

An offer was made to do a 'memory' quilt for the friend, using parts of Larry's shirts. Since neither DD, birth mom, or friend are quilters, what was sent was"interesting" to say the least. But I was determined to make it work. Everything in this double 4 patch was Larry's except the light blue and the border/binding. It is a tied quilt with a flannel backing.
And along that same line, sometime in this year, I will be making a memory quilt of T-shirts for my DD#1's best friend who lost her 14 yr old unexpectedly last year. She's not quite ready to let go of his clothes as yet, but she's very receptive to a snuggle quilt. I'm hoping it will feel like a hug from her little guy.


  1. Lovely finishes. Fun Barbie quilt, the 3 yr old will love it. The memory quilt looks very comforting and will be appreciated.

  2. Love your quilts. They will be a blessing!

  3. The Barbie Quilt is adorable...and I'm trying to picture the actual Rail Fence variation from the picture...perhaps you could take another picture unfolded so we all could see your pattern variation...hope, hope?