Thursday, October 25, 2012


This little 47 inch quilt is going to Ronald's House.

It started with 2 inch by 3.5 inch blue strips that I over cut for a previous quilt. I added the orange because it was across from the blue on my color wheel and luckily for me I had the perfect flowered border.

I used a lot of different oranges. It is really a bight and cheery quilt and I am pleased that I was able to come up with a quit using leftover bits.

For A Friend

I found this quilt online at and just had to make it.

Since I already had a bunch of 2.5 inch squares and strips cut out, my quilt turned out a little bigger than the pattern. It finishes at 113 inches square, before washing.

I am sending this quilt to a friend who has had more than her share of sorrows over the past 19 years. Hoping she will know just how much I care about her and that it will lighten her heart just a bit.

It made a great scrappy quilt. Used about 23.96 yards of fabric, including the backing and binding. No the quilt isn't sewed as crocked as it seems in the pictures, my hanging job was bad.  The corner stones are white with black dots and the binding is black with white dots.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

block wall quilt

Every year I head up a tradition that began
more than 15 years ago.
The ladies at my church give the graduating high school seniors a quilt.
It used to be a group effort.
Squares were cut at meetings....
Ties were added later....
but times have changed.
We don't meet monthly anymore.
That doesn't mean we can't give quilts, right???

We meet only ONE time to sew together.
I usually do the rest.
But you know what???
I love it!
This quilt is SO nice...
I think I'll cut strips and bring them to our gathering.
EVERYONE can help make another BEAUTY.
Isn't it the perfect BOY quilt???
I think so too.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scraps of Love...

Hi, all!

I've got a special quilt to share with you all today - made for one of our quilt ministry members, who had a brain aneurysm rupture last week.  

The word blocks were donated by Sharon...

Christy is a new member - she had just joined a couple of months ago, and after making her first quilt for herself (she was afraid it wouldn't be good enough to give away!), she made six baby quilt tops and started on a quilt for a friend.  

The monkey fabric came from the first baby quilt Christy made...
And the red striped fabric above is left over from a dress I made
for my daughter about 20 years ago!

Then suddenly, last Monday, she suffered the ruptured aneurysm and has been in the hospital ever since.  She is still sedated and they are unsure of the extent of the damage.  

Lots of the ministry members joined in making blocks for this quilt - it was the first experience for many of them with dump-and-sew blocks, but it went well!  

In fact, the block on the right above was the first block a new member had ever made, and actually the first thing she ever sewed!  She was so excited....

And this block has the best story - one of the ladies in the group was making it at home before leaving on a trip, and her daughter was helping her pull fabrics.  When KatieBeth brought the princess fabric over, Deb said, "Honey, this quilt is for a grown-up lady - and that's a little girl fabric."  KatieBeth responded, "Well, she's a princess too, isn't she?"  As Deb said, how could she tell her not to put it in after that?

There are pieces of fabric in this quilt from many of the quilts we've made for the ministry, and many hands had a part in the making of it.  Our hope is that it will remind Christy of how many people are praying for her and cheering her on as she recovers from this horrible event in her life.  

Thanks for letting me share this special quilt with you.  I hope you'll join us in praying for Christy - she'll need a lot of prayer over the coming months......



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tessellating Cross

This one is for Sarah's Quilt Ministry.  It measures 64 inches square, before washing.
I decided to join a Tessellating Cross quilt along. It was to make one block a day for 90 days. Well,  since I had all the fabrics out I decided to make 64 of them at one time. It is a quick simple quilt to make. I used 2.5 inch strips I had leftover from other quilts.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Margaret's Hope Chest - Fun in the Middle

Here are some of the 22 blocks that I am sending to Margaret's Hope Chest, the fourth and last project for 2012.

For block size and directions go to their website -

The blocks were fast and easy to make and are due by November 15th. You can make 3 blocks from 2 strips of fabric.

This is a great project for a good cause.

Quilt Of Valor

This quilt will be sent to Alycia. I used the pattern Kim shared. I did not add on the last two borders. This one finished at 74 x 80 before washing. I used a flag fabric for the center of the stars.
I really like the stars in the sashing. Great pattern and it used a lot of scraps.