Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giving closer to home

I believe this posting falls within the Giving meaning of this blog  it's just a bit smaller.

I have a friend in SC who had a heart valve replacement earlier this month.  She’s a quilter and I didn’t think she needed a quilt but she did need something more than a get well card. I did want to send something quilty.  I decided a mug rug would be perfect.  My favorite part of Mug Rugs is that mine are from my head and heart not a pattern. 

I thought this conveyed my feelings exactly.


  1. Gifts (quilts) can be any size - they are enormous when gifted from the heart.

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love your mug rug an bet your friend will too!

  3. It's beautiful, and giving certainly isn't limited by size - this definitely fits in the intention of this blog!! Lovely idea and I'm sure your friend will feel cheered every time she sees it!

  4. You couldn't help but be cheered up by that! I love mug rugs, and went through a phase when I was churning them out at a rate of 6 a week, just because I enjoyed doing them! They do make great gifts, and fund raisers too, if you are in a group trying to raise funds by selling small hand made items.
    Sarah, I have been ill with the flu, so I haven't made anything lately to post on Mr Linky.. :-(

  5. It's beautiful and so personal! I think you were right to make something small! She will get to use it OFTEN and she'll know YOU CARE!