Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quilts for South Africa

I am going to South Africa in July, and I decided to make some baby quilts to give
 to expecting and new moms.   So far I have 3 quilts finished.  I have more to
machine quilt, and will keep making them until I leave.

My only hitch is that my daughter is getting married in two weeks, so that, of course, is
taking top priority : )

Here are the baby quilts that I have ready for my trip:

The first quilt has the traditional binding, and the last two have no binding.
I decided that I was more likely to get them finished without
binding,  what do you think about quilts with no binding?



  1. I like all the quilts. The star quilt is fine with no binding. I love design in the block. What great gifts.

  2. I love quilts with no binding. Last christmas I made 7 quilts for the kids in my family & 4 of them had no binding for the same reason you're not use it. What a time saver! Anyways I actually like the first one, because of the rectangles. I love simple quilts & the colors are lovely .

  3. All sweet quilts and will be well received. They look fine with no bindings. Great job.

  4. When I was a nursery school teacher, I made a few eye spy style quilts to use in my class. The kids used them everyday and I washed them every week. They held up beautifully for years and the lack of binding was not a problem. Quilts for Kids actually mentions in their directions that they would prefer not to have binding on the quilts donated to them.
    The quilts are lovely and I am sure they will be well used.

  5. I am glad that the response is good for no binding. It is funny, but I was feeling guilty for not adding it, but oh my, it saves time : )

  6. What a wonderful and generous idea!! And I think if you can get more made by not binding them, it's a great plan. I do believe they hold up better in the long run! Be sure to take pictures so that we can see some of the recipients when you return!!

  7. I think no binding is the way to go for kids quilts that are going to be really used. I have done that for years for both Charity and Gifts. I just do an extra trip around the outer edge with the machine about a half inch in to make me feel more secure.

  8. Love these quilts....especially the FIRST one!

  9. All such sweet quilts. Too bad there isn't more time for the rest of us to join in and send some quilts to you! No binding is fine. I like the look of it on smaller quilts. Don't worry about "rules." Just make the quilts with love, and they'll be cherished.

  10. Thank you, Carol!

    I haven't ask for any help because I will be taking them on the airplane with me and won't have room for more than I can make. Once I am in Africa, if I see that there is a big need for more baby quilts, I will ask for help then, and send them a different way. This is just something fun that I wanted to do along with my trip. Like the name of this blog, quilts are for giving : )

  11. Sweet Baby Quilts!!! No binding is great for a soft little baby quilt. My great Aunt always "turned the edge on her baby quilts and "self bound" them. Then she feather stitched along the stitched edge. It was beautiful. You could do it easily with a machine stitch too.