Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Log Cabin or Wonky Bento Box

It seems fitting that my first post to this blog would be of a quilt 
that I just finished using one of Beth's tutorials at the Love Laugh 
Quilt blog. Thanks Beth!  Used her Half Log Cabin – Free Style 
tutorial. This was so fun and quick. I didn't use the paper foundation 
for my blocks but followed her method.  

Went to the Project Linus meeting yesterday and delivered the 
quilt. Forgot to take a final picture so these are pictures of the 
flimsy. I had picked up the black & white polka dot at a past meeting, 
4 yards, 18” wide, so perfect for this scrap busting project. 

I also took two flimsies I sewed together from orphan blocks
came home with at another meeting. The coordinator is planning a 
"sandwich” day, not an eating party, but a workshop to sandwich 
quilts from flimsies given to PL. Find a back, layer, sandwich, and 
baste the quilts as needed. Some are sewn at the workshop, some 
taken home. Some are taken to a retirement home where residents 
tie quilts. Lots of work gets done by many hands. 
Thanks again Beth for the tutorial. AND Thank you for creating the 
new blog. I'm glad you have invited us to join in the fun and share 
our projects. 


  1. Yeah! I LOVE BOTH quilts! They'll be a blessing wherever they go!

    1. Thank you, I will be doing your pattern again!

  2. The polka dots really pop, great job. They will be cherished.