Saturday, April 6, 2013

VA Lap Quilt

I finished the 6th quilt top for the VA hospital.  I've sent it off to my guild member partner who will quilt it.  I learned a few things in making this one.

I learned I could use that trick of making pinwheels from just two squares when the leftover fabric wasn't big enough to cut a 9 1/2"  square from it. See here if you would like photos. She made her pinwheels using 5" blocks because she was using charm packs.  Then she cut down the pinwheel block.  Here's what I did:  By using 8"  squares, sewing all around the edges, cutting twice on the diagonal and assembling my pinwheel I could get my 9 1/2"  square for the quilt.  One is a bit catwompus because I didn't true it up correctly.  I needed to cut half of the oversize off on the first cut, and then the rest on the second cut. 

The fabric you see around it is the piece that will be the back. I plan to use a navy to bind it.