Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Flimsy

My completed flimsy top for St. Anne's.  I took a  24 by 42 panel and cut off the blocks at top and bottom. Then added a blue solid around it. I then made some row blocks and added them to the blocks and set them on the sides.  Then took a green solid to finish at 37 x 35 - a more useable size for a baby quilt.  It now goes to other St. Anne's workers to sandwich, tie and bind.

Now why don't textile manufacturers make panels that are more to this size.  It would make it so easy to make a baby quilt in no time at all.  What are you working on?


  1. Very cute! Very creative. Yes, I agree, the manufacturers are missing the boat.

  2. Very cute, like what you did to change the size. Sometimes I think designers don't sew.

  3. I am working on three quilts to go to 3 small boys (brothers) who have just entered the foster care system. I have one top finished, one quilt sandwiched and ready for the next step (think I will tie this one) and one still in the mulling over phase. I am in a hurry because these three brothers are young and, I imagine, frightened with the changes in their little lives.

  4. sweet!!!
    great way to make "a panel" quilt bigger.

  5. Very pretty panel, and a great quilt.

  6. Panels would sell like hotcakes if they were sized better! Cute quilt with a creative twist!