Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For a Friend's New Granddaughter

On May 23 I got a letter from my friend, telling me that her daughter was due to have a baby in early June. Later in the evening on May 23 I got an e-mail saying that the baby had been born on May 22. So I sat right down and made her a quilt. Will put it in the mail soon.

--Carol E.


  1. Very pretty quilt. I like the pinks and purple together. Very sweet gift.

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  3. Lovely quilt. Is it a tube quilt? Bet they were thrilled with it.

    1. Yes, I strip pieced it and cut and sewed them into tubes and then cut open the tubes to arrange them in this pattern. I assume that is what you mean.

  4. really cute quilt, Carol. I gotta get me a yellow chair !