Friday, August 22, 2014


Here was an easy quilt doing it Quilt as You Go.  Each block is:
  1. backing is cut 11" square
  2. front is cut  9" square
  3. batting is cut 9" square
  4. Sandwich the blocks: backing wrong side up; batting centered on back; front right side up. Both batting and top will be 1" all around the back.
  5. Pin and with your walking foot make an "x"in the center of the blocks - go from edge to edge along a diagonal of the top block (start at the corner of the backing). I do wiggly lines sometimes.
  6. Make another one.  Now with the two backs of the blocks together, sew 1" from the edge (or along the batting) from edge to edge.  You now have the seam allowance on the front of the two sewn blocks.  
  7. Fold one seam allowance in half and lay on top of the right side of the block( pin or iron),  and machine stitch(again with your walking foot) 1/8" from the folded edge.  
  8. You now have two blocks that quilted and sashed. Make more blocks and complete a row. Line up the rows and pin at intersections. Sew as before. Leave the outside seams til last. Then do the same to those sides and you're done.

Good for scraps of fabric and batting.  This charity quilt is for our St. Anne's Sewdality.  


  1. I think in #4 you mean "backing" wrong side up, not batting. Correct?

  2. Correct. Thanks for catching that. I'll go fix it.

  3. Great little quilt. Thank you for the instructions. I will try this.

  4. This would work with a cute layer cake - making your backing squares 11" and batt 10" (for the layer cake cut). Thank you for this.