Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Checking In

It's been awhile since I checked on the blogs on my sidebar!  I've been busy, but it doesn't seem like I have much to show for all the busy-ness!

Today is my mother's birthday.  She turns 89.  She's quite the gal for that age.  She gets around even more than I do, I think.  I had a quilt I was going to give to a friend, but I just couldn't quite get that feeling that the quilt was for her, so I set it aside. Then I thought, maybe I'll send it Project Linus, but that didn't feel quite right either.  When I thought about my mother, I realized the colors are just perfect for her.  Her birthday is in the fall, she loves fall and loves fall colors.  So this quilt went to her and she has already opened the package and loves it.  I don't know how many more birthdays she'll have.  I live too far away to enjoy them with her, but at least now she has a wrap up from me.  I didn't think she'd like one because she has many cover-ups.  But, again, I'm shown that I don't know my mother that well.  She has table toppers, and wall hangings, but maybe she'll use this one and think of the love that went into it. Scrappy quilts to her remind her of the poverty she knew as a child.  I love scrappy quilts and making things from scraps, but she hasn't been too enamored by that process I love so much.  I don't know, but I did feel that I needed to give one to her.  My sis gets many because she loves them so much and I didn't want to have mother felt left out--it's just that she and my sis look at quilts in two opposing viewpoints.  

and the quilting on my home machine

I have a bag ready to take to the pick up place for Project Linus here.  These are the quilts I've finished

and this recent one:

In that bag, I had put some quilt tops for someone else to finish, but today, I feel like quilting so maybe I'll take one of the smaller ones out and quilt a bit.  It's always fun to get a finish and then that way my bag to Project Linus won't look quite so small.  :)

Each month I make blocks and send to our Sunshine Lotto which means that some of the blocks are made into quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders and Wrap a Smile.

This month the theme is black and white:

I won the lotto in July and have a couple of tops put together for quilts, but I don't have them finished yet.  Maybe soon...


  1. Looks like a perfect quilt for your mother. The 4 patches tone down the scrappy look. Great quilts, love your B&W blocks.

  2. You do such nice work! Small correction: the theme for the month was black and red. Love the blocks you made.