Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crossing Borders

It seems there have been more natural disasters lately.  And in each one, whatever country in which it happens, our neighbors need help to recover and move on.  Cheryl at Dining Room Empire has started a Quilt Block Drive - you just have to make a slab of color. 

As Cheryl says, "Thank-you so much for continuing to think of us here in Southern Alberta. Now that the emergency situation is behind us it is time to think about recovery. Quilts go a long way towards that."

Here's mine that I will be sending along:

Have another one almost finished.  These would be great stash busters as the slabs are 15.5" square.  You just sew the rectangles together and square them up.

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  1. Great blocks! I also made a couple and posted about it on my blog. ;)