Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rememberence Quilt for Teacher

My 2nd granddaughter is in the 7th grade this year. Her math teacher, Mr Benton,  just adopted a baby from Ethiopia. While flying to his parents for Thanksgiving he had a heart attack and died on the plane. He was only 34.

My granddaughter called me and said we needed to make a quilt for his family. I cut out some 5.5 inch squares, drew the 1/4 inch seam on them and she took them to school, with fabric pens, so everyone could sign them.

Good thing some got lost as this is one huge quilt.
As you can tell he was a NY Mets fan. She insisted that the quilt be blue and orange and used many different fabrics of each. Then she thought we should make the baby a quilt. NY Met fabric is not readily available - I found some on ebay and it was $14 and up for a fat quarter. I purchased some fleece and we tied a lap quilt so the mom and baby could snuggle together.

I am very proud of my grandgirl for thinking of honoring her teacher with a quilt. This grandgirl has enter quilts in her county fair and won best of show for the 18 and under group. She has gone with me to Ronald's House when I dropped off quilts.

She did the quilting on it, using a Circle Lord template - swirls.

The pattern we picked to use is "Puzzle Box" by Tracey Brookshier. We picked it because there weren't any seams that had to match up.

We took the quilt and throw to the school to have it on display so everyone could see. Our hope is that this quilt shows how loved Mr Benton was by his students and his colleagues.


  1. So sad to lose one so young, but what pleasure to see some one even younger to care so much to make this venture happen.

  2. My heart and prayers goes out to the family. Your granddaughter is very thoughtful and caring to think of honoring her teacher with a quilt full of love and comfort for his family.

  3. What a heart-breaking story, in both directions. Bless your granddaughter for her caring heart.

  4. What a trajedy. My sympathies to the family and warmes hugs for your DGD for her caring works. A lovely memorial quilt.