Sunday, November 4, 2012

Something New - Project 40!

Hi, all!

I'm willing to bet that, like me, most of you are multi-talented in the crafting areas - and may know how to knit or crochet in addition to your mad quilting talents.  So I've got an opportunity for you to use those skills in a simple and low-commitment way to give someone a warm "hug".

My friend Pam, one of the ladies in our church's quilt ministry, has started something called Project 40.  No, it's  not quilting, but it is still a creative and much needed way to give someone in need a hug - so please go check out her new blog and see what it's all about!  And at the same time, you can see the absolutely gorgeous king-size quilt she made - and hand quilted!!  It has a great story, one you really should read....




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