Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quilting For Good Linky Party, Week 6

Hi, all!

Well, at least it's still Tuesday - although barely!  I've been meaning to get this post written all day - but the story has been evolving, changing each time I try to sit down and write it.

Some of you may know about Camp Bluebird, which is a camp designed for adult cancer patients and survivors.  It provides a place for education, fellowship with people going through similar situations, and generally a fun time for people to get together and visit with old friends.   My friend Cindy, who is a ten-year cancer survivor and also a member of our church quilt ministry, took me last year. New campers are paired up with experienced campers, and if they request it, they will be paired up with the same experienced camper each time they come.

Last week, my friend Cindy found out that one of her "campers" had been told that she had a recurrence of her cancer.  Cindy immediately jumped into action and started making a quilt for her.  The center of this beautiful, vibrant quilt is a small top sent to us by Kate of Kate's Arty Bits in Great Britain.  Cindy paired the beautiful batik center with some bright strips from our stash, some leftover hand-dyed fabric for the corners, and black sashing and borders.  A beautiful quilt top, all put together and finished in two days!

Sunday rolled around, and Cindy got a phone call - her friend found out that her cancer was not only back, but back with a vengeance - and hospice had been called in.  They only gave her a matter of days to live.  The quilting frame at church already had a quilt on it, so Cindy called me to see if we could load it up on my frame and get it done fast so she could take it to her friend.  Of course!  So she came to my house late Sunday afternoon, and we got the quilting and binding done in about an hour and a half. I don't think I've ever done one quite that fast before!  Cindy did a great job quilting this, using a hot pink thread on the top and black on the back.

Monday, Cindy went with some other folks from Camp Bluebird to visit her friend.  As they walked up to the house, her friend's husband was on the porch, speaking with someone.  They walked inside the house, and her friend's 11-year old daughter was sitting on the sofa in the living room, all alone.   Cindy said that seeing her sitting there was when she realized exactly who she had been making this quilt for - and she walked over to her, handed her the quilt, and said, "This is for you."  She wrapped it around her and hugged her.

Cindy got to see her friend, but said that she really wasn't aware of who was with her.  She and the other ladies from Camp Bluebird went back out and sat with the daughter for a couple of hours, talking with her about her mom and sharing stories.   The little girl stayed wrapped up in her quilt, hopefully gathering comfort from all the love Cindy put into it.

Cindy's friend went home to be with God a few hours after they left that afternoon.  

I'm so glad that Cindy listened to the little voice that told her to give this quilt to her friend's daughter.  I hope that each time she uses it, she will feel all the prayers that went into it.


And now it's your turn!

Show us what you've been working on this week -

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It's all Quilting For Good!




  1. I love how God works all things for good! I just lost my mother in law to cancer a couple of weeks ago. Cancer sucks!

  2. Wow! What a story! So happy that little girl has a quilted hug! Cancer seems to touch us ALL!

  3. Wow! what a touching story! That was really an aggressive cancer! I'm so happy her daughter got a gorgeous quilt. Perfect gift.

  4. Perfect quilt for the daughter, she will remember that she is surrounded by love and caring people.

  5. What a beautiful gift of love for Cindy to share the quilt and the gift of time with her friend's daughter. Sometimes when the Spirit moves within us, we need to translate that into action. I'm glad that Cindy was able to do that.

  6. A touching story to read. It is a gorgeous quilt.

  7. Oh my heart was touched by that story...so glad Cindy and you listened to the voice of the Spirit as you created this lovely quilt for this special little girl to have as a warm memory of those who loved her mother.