Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quilting For Good Linky Party #7

Hi, all!

It occurred to me today that I completely forgot Quilting For Good Tuesday last week - sorry!!  But hopefully that means you've got lots to share from the last two weeks!

I want to show you a quilt that I worked on this week - I needed something traditional for an older woman with cancer, and fortunately, a lady at church had just donated a beautiful fan pattern quilt top that just fit the bill!

The original donated top was huge - this is only a part of it.  There is at least enough to make one more quilt from it, and maybe two!  I did a little creative seam ripping and took out this six by six block section, added a pretty floral border, and this pretty quilt was born!

I had fun with the quilting on this one - since I'm out of batting and can't get to as many quilts as usual this week, I decided to play around with my new long arm machine, Jolene!

I did petals in the quarter circle, squiggly vines in the fans, and organic echo quilting in the negative space.  It really went pretty quickly, considering - and it was lots of fun!!

A pieced back - and isn't it pretty with the sun shining through
showing off the fans?
This quilt is going to a woman who had battled cancer once before and has just found out that it has returned.  It was requested by one of the women in our quilting group, who works with her.  We're hoping that this will give her a big dose of comfort and love!!

And now it's your turn!

Show us what you've been working on this week -

Progress shots,
Finished quilts,
Donations you've sent to others!

It's all Quilting For Good!




  1. What a pretty quilt! Love the quilting you did on it, really makes it special.

  2. Hey there.. have tried to have "quilts for good" ready to go on Tuesdays, and you're not doing the Linky, so I feel discouraged. If you could, pretty please, try to have it appear more regularly... people will participate. But it's hard when we don't know if it will be here or not. Trying not to be mean.. just telling you want to participate but can't if it's not here.