Friday, August 24, 2012

Quilt of Valor

This QOV is off to Alycia. I promised her the pattern and then decided I should send a quilt along with the pattern. I love seeing the pictures Alycia shows on her blog. There is no greater feeling than seeing a quilt I made wrapped around one of our Heros, it is an honor to provide quilts for these men and women.


  1. What a beatiful quilt. It will bring lots of comfort to the receiver. Will you share the pattern?

    1. I really don't have a pattern, but if you email me with your address I will draw out the two blocks for you with the amount of squares and sizes for them.

  2. This is a great quilt. I love how the neutral squares cross the red and blue blocks.

  3. LOve this quilt. It's beautiful!

  4. As a relatively new quilter, could you share with me some info on how I may donate some quilt tops I have made to Quilts of Valor? I have been to their site, the quilts abide by the rules. There are no local volunteers close to me. Again, these are simply tops. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin

  5. Hey Kevin,

    You can send your quilt tops to any of the QOV Regional Coordinators, any one of them would be thrilled with your donation. Their email addresses can be found at
    Thanks for supporting such a great cause.