Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lull before Frenzy - Part Two

Now that the Frenzy of November is over, there is a short lull before the frenzy of December starts.  I'm using the time to make a couple of more charity quilts in the interim.
Here's two St. Anne's quilts - I make tops for the our parish organization - St. Anne's Sewdality.  We make baby blankets for first time mothers.
A tube quilt top
and another rag quilt. All I do is make the top and others finish it for St. Anne's.

This is the back.  The front has that cute leaf fabric everywhere you see the solid beige flannel here.  I only assemble, others clip and wash. Next step is to quilt an "x"in each pair and then sew the rows.  When we get together we pray over them and send them on to the babies and their moms.

What are you working on?


  1. Very pretty. I love the Pooh fabric.

  2. I love that first quilt. What a blessing these will be to the new moms!

  3. Now that is my dream job... make the tops and let someone else do all the finishing work. (Nice project, by the way.)

    1. Right! that's what it is - a dream job. I'm also starting to enjoy the quilting part too.