Friday, December 14, 2012

Admitting to my Addiction

There is a great charity here in Oregon that will take quilts, quilt tops or quilt blocks that have lost your favor. It is:  We quilters, always being in search of new challenges, new creativity, and just loving new (or new to us fabric), often go on to these NEW projects, leaving discarded, but not unloved, UFO's behind.  I’m thankful that there are charities to take these projects.  

I have to stand and say: “Hello, my name is Toni, and I’m addicted to quilting”. This addiction has led me to be in a position of having 50 (for sure) or more, UFO’s in my cabinets and closets. Don’t get me wrong! I do finish quilts. Last year the number was 11 and I’ve not yet counted this years finishes but it will be a similar number. But I love trying new patterns and combinations of fabrics. And don’t forget those sometimes addictive, block swaps, block lotto’s, and your on line quilting bees. And free patterns! And so much inspiration!  And sadly, so little time.

So today these UFO’s are off to "Quilts from Caring Hands."

The rainbow scrap quilt now layered and basted and ready to quilt. It is 50x60.
The Zig Zag, is a top that is 40x50. And the last quilt was part of a BOM, although I changed the center, that I never finished. It is 60x72. I'm sure they will all go on to loving homes.



  1. Lovely UFOs and a great way to called them finished on your list. They will be greatly appreciated. The zig zag is fun!

  2. Love that zig zag pattern. Doesn't it feel great to get some UFOs sent to good homes?

  3. I like your quilts, especially the Zig Zag. Where can I get the pattern? Thanks.