Saturday, October 26, 2013

Little Tiny quilts

What are you giving away these days?
I've been making and giving
LITTLE tiny quilts away!

There's ALWAYS an occassion
for a little quilty GIFT!
These little coasters are always welcomed.

Not QUITE a quilt....
ALMOST as nice!
I call them little quilty HUGS!!!
And my scrap basket is HAPPY
as I DIG AROUND in the corners.
Looking for the VERY best SCRAPS!

Here's the REALITY shot!
Quilts don't HAVE to be big
to show you CARE!


  1. Very sweet! And a great use of scraps. I might have to make up a few myself!

  2. I made some a couple of years ago for Christmas - maybe this year mug rugs the size of coaster. Those are cute!