Sunday, December 27, 2015

Two more quankets for foster kids

bear paw quilt
Papa Bear ~ December 2015

medallion quilt 
Marigolds ~ November 2015
I recently read a quilter’s comment that there are “so many quilts to try and so little time“, which I can totally relate to! As 2015 winds down to an end, I am pleased to have donated a total of 19 quilts to foster kids this year, and each done in a different pattern ;)

Marigolds and Papa Bear mark my 56th and 57th charity quilts since beginning on this journey just over three years ago. My ultimate hope is to inspire other quilters to donate to foster kids, since in many instances, these kids have it rough and probably need a little extra love.


  1. What is a quanket? Good for you donating so many.

    Mindingmomma at AOL dot com

    1. Quankets are a pieced quilt top backed with fleece: quilt + blanket = quanket :)
      I stitch in the ditch for the edge binding and then tack the top to the back. I love the piecing aspect of quilting, but do not have the tools or training to finish as a traditional-style quilt. I like the fleece backing, as it makes the quilt nice and comfy for curling-up under.

  2. You have been so generous with your quilts this year. I'm sure they are bringing comfort to these unfortunate kids.

    1. Thank you! I feel blessed to have the ability and time to do this.

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  4. You do beautiful work, and I fully support your interest in helping foster kids. There are just so many needs... I can't support them all! I have given some quilts to kids in foster care, but not recently. I may do a few in 2016.