Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Calm Reflection

charity quilt
Calm Reflection
March 2015

I love efficiency. And, this block is all about that! I came across the instructions for this block pattern on wont-to-be quilter’s blog, and was intrigued by its construction process. When I finally got time to dedicate to quilting, this was pretty quick to complete.

The majority of fabrics I use in my quilts are leftovers and scraps. For this one, the pink and blue flower fabric is very 1980’ish and it had been a challenge trying to use it without making the quilt feel too dated. The blue fabric was also a challenge, as it is very thin and has a lot of stretch to it. But, the two were a perfect complement to one another, as the blue fabric has a ‘burn-out’ design of flowers, almost identical to the pink and blue flower fabric. The combination reminded me of reflections on water.

I hope you visit my blog at jeanswenson.org to see all the other scrappy quilts I have donated to foster kids.


  1. What a nice quilt, and a nice use of "vintage" fabric!
    Sylvia Adair (sylviaadair@gmail.com)